My Guiding Principles

> You are the expert!  

You know your own life and problems better than I ever can. You know what is important and what you want to change to gain a renewed sense of vitality and hope in your life.  I serve as a responsive mirror and gentle guide to the uniqueness of your inner life.


> You are not the problem:

Unlike the medical model, I do not believe in pathologizing external behaviours or symptoms.

I also do not think that the basis of therapy is “do this and you will feel better”. Our relationship is built on gaining psychological insight into why you think and do things the way you do and gaining insight into how it is you come to see the world as you do.


> Strengths-based Approach:

I think that creativity allows us to uncover resources that we either didn’t notice or did not know we had. It offers new ways of seeing old problems. Instead of focusing on deficiencies, I will help you look at what does work and help you build on those strengths and positive coping strategies.

> Culturally Competent Care and Awareness of Power Dynamics

Power and structural dynamics exist within every human relationship whether we are aware of it or not. That is why I work to provide culturally competent care by committing to ongoing education and sensitivity training. Working from an intersectional feminist lens, I also understand that every individuals lived experience is unique and I can never claim to fully understand what you experience on a daily basis. I seek to equalize the therapeutic relationship and focus on facilitating a space of compassion and to build partnership with my clients.