What is Art Therapy?

In Art Therapy, freedom of expression and authenticity are important values, rather than art skill or artistic talent. It is about making room for what emerges in the moment. Thereforeno art experiences is needed! Stick figures and scribbles are perfectly okay.


Once people realize there is no judgement or pressure to perform, they can begin to trust and expand their creative exploration. Like traditional talk therapy, this involves developing a therapeutic relationship based in non-judgement and compassion.

Through verbal and non verbal means, art therapy reveals personal narratives and stories, and promotes self discovery by exploring the inner world of emotions, memories, experiences. Through this process, clients can find relief from overwhelming emotions, crises or trauma.

Art Therapy can be especially helpful with pain and trauma because those experiences often get stored in non verbal parts of the brain. When we make art while focusing on these events it helps our brains shift gears and process the experiences on a deeper level in comparison to only talking about it. Because we are engaging all of the senses, art therapy can give voice to feelings that there are no words for or that are too painful to talk about.


Art Therapy can help you:

- improve concentration and communication.

- reduce feelings of isolation.

- express difficult feelings.

- regain a sense of hope. 

- reduce symptoms of pain and anxiety.

- increase problem solving skills.

- build self-esteem and confidence.

- practice positive coping skills.

- addres unresolved emotional conflics

- learn mindfulness techniques 

- regain a feeling of control over your life.

- tune into your body and breathe

- get unstuck

What Art Therapy is NOT

  • Art Therapy not about the therapist analyzing your art- work and telling you what it means. The therapeutic process is much more layered and nuanced, and is rooted in your own meaning making.

  • Art therapy is not an art class. I will support you through the use of various artistic media and forms of expression but the purpose is not to master an artistic skill.