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Intuitive Painting Workshop


 Temporarily on hold 


  • Intuitive painting is letting go of having a plan or doing what we think we ought to. This is especially important in a society to obsessed with productivity and perfectionism.

  • It means grabbing the brush and following your body, your senses, a feeling or question, and allowing for something to emerge.

  • It helps us quiet down the inner critic and listen more carefully to our own wisdom.

  • Through this process we can better learn how to practice Self compassion, presence, and connection to ourselves and others... it is also really fun!


I will lead you through a few expressive arts therapy based warmups. These might vary from group to group but generally they will consist of body based warmups and exploration, visualizations, and drawing directives. You will then be guided into about an hour of personal art making time. After you finish your paintings we will witness each other's work and process the experience in a creative and nonjudgemental way.


This will be a safe and supportive environment and I will be there to answer any questions or concerns along the way! 


Intuitive Painting Workshop



Temporarily on hold    


The purpose of adding an LGBTQ+ allies only workshop to my offerings is because I believe that its important to carve out these creative and nurturing spaces for the community. It is not meant to be divisive, but rather offers a creative, therapeutic, and social networking outlet that is community specific and resilience focused. I believe Toronto needs more of this so I created my own.


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